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Avril Lavigne

The Avril Lavigne many of  us know


From Napanee, Ontario, Canada


She can also look so girl next door


She also has that cute side to her




Girls of the Day



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This one is my favorite


The Hollywood Avril Lavigne


Gotta admit, this one, she's pretty Sexy



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Rodents and Lyme Disease:
April 6, 2015:
I became fond of the girl while I traveled around the land down under. And lately I began to wonder why she was,'t out scooping up some of the money the other girls are raking in.
       Discovered her wonderful face on a magazine yesterday, and it lead me to finding out just why.

Turns Out Avril Lavigne caught Lyme Disease, a disease often spread by a bite from a tick which is known to be predominantly spread by dogs.
       I'm guessing it's as bad or even worse than catching Malaria, which never really leaves your system.
       My Dad got Malaria in Korea and he could not donate blood because of it.
       However, I would like to mention that this Lyme Disease has kept Avril Lavigne down for quit some time and I wish her well.

The reason I brought up this Lyme Disease isn't that I just miss Avril Lavigne, but I think people should think twice about even getting a dog, or as I say rodent for a companion, because they say that we are approaching an epidemic rise in Lyme Disease cases. I think they are carriers of just too much bacteria and germs to consider a safe play thing for any kid or adult for that mater.
       As I mentioned before, about these so called Service Dogs that everyone and their brother is beginning to print out new identities for, -if they are not seeing eyed dogs, -they should not be allowed inside public venues, as well as the fishing piers.