Girls of the Day


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston at beach

 To paddle in and find her waiting - paradise

Jennifer Aniston cute in white

Jennifer Aniston got the Favorite Actress Award
at the
People Choice Awards.
I guess I'm not the only one that thinks she's top drawer.

Jennifer Aniston laying on back and sexy


Jennifer Aniston naked


Jennifer Aniston as country girl

 So Sweet

Jennifer Aniston in bed

 I sure couldn't throw her out of my bed.

Yah picked the wrong babe


She is one fine looking woman

Girls of the Day



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Jennifer Aniston in black and white

Not to long ago, Jennifer had to make an appearance on the Jay Leno show to promote her new movie. I could tell she just hated even having to talk to such a moron.

All Jay wanted to talk about was how good looking she is and how she managed to stay in such great shape. He asked questions as if she was being interviewed some Cosmopolitan or Fitness magazine. It was as if he was trying to put words into her mouth or trying to pry some kind of secret scoop out of her. He was quite perverted if you ask me. Probably creaming in his pants and all he could get out of her was what kind of pizza she likes to eat.

Gee, the gal probably worked hard all week just to have a nice body tone so she could look nice in a sexy dress and aviod the crape she received in the passed when she wore a short dress. I'd think that the last thing she wants to do is talk about is how hard it is to stay in that kind of shape.

Then when she did get to speak of something that would be interesting.
The fact that she has her own production company and how disappointing it is to take ten years to get a project of the ground; Jay just said shit as if everyone would know; the long hours it takes and not being about to go home when everyone else did, but I'm sure he dosen't have a clue.

Jay just snuffed off the most interesting information she was willing to talk about and left use with the same old shit we've heard a hundred times before.

Any intelligent person could tell that her intellect is way over his head.
I can tell you this, I happen to think she is probably the most intelligent woman he has ever had on his stage and he is the last person who should be trying to make conversation with her.

I have to admit,
Jennifer is my Favorite Girl of the Day because I'm sure an intelligent conversation with her would be interesting and I think she is the sweetest.



Jennifer Aniston in the rain

This one is my favorite,
because those eyes


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Too bad the media hasn't been able to separate her from ex and just move on, because they sure don't give me anything to comment about. I'd do a fantasy love affair on her but there just isn't the right kind of material out there to pull it off. But then again, I sure don't need another publicity stunt stalking me.

However, there is one thing I will say; is that out of all the women in Hollywood, she's one that has some class.

I sure don't want to hear about who she's seeing. I just hope she carries a big fly swatter because from what I gather, they are sure swarming her.

I've always wondered if she ever got her hands on my book