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It was either on cable TV or on the web somewhere, that Gwyenth Paltrow was catching a bunch of flack for running her own web-site. For what ever reason she had for doing so, I feel that it only makes me admire the lady even more. The thing is, she could just sit in a lawn chair in the Bahamas sipping martinis and do nothing the rest of her life. But I can tell, the girl does a lot of reading and I'm sure she has quit the intellect. It takes a great quality of intellect to do what she does and I don't know how much of the web-site thing she actually does by herself, but I can tell you that she does a very good job of it. I know of another blogger who has been doing it for over ten years and she now supports her family from the advertising on it and what I see there on that sight is nothing that any foul mouth house wife can write about. Like the new puppy and how the kids are getting ready for school.
But Gwyenth, she's got content, and good interesting content from a person who can go anywhere and do anything in the world. And she likes to share that blessing with others.
More power to you Gwyenth, good job and I'm proud of you. Check out her web-site -


gwyneth Paltrow sexy with boots


Gwyneth Paltrow with guitar


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