Girls of the Day

Miley Cyrus

Looks like a vintage photo to me

miley cyrus and her father

No one made a fuss over this one.
Its by far the hotter of the two.


She seemed to be a pro to me 


Miley Cyrus decided to grow up
So she kissed her Twitter account good bye.


miley cyrus with guitar



miley cyrus with brown hollow box guitar


Can't help but love those legs


Girls of the Day



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I noticed that here father used this same bassplayer; for a morning news show.

I'm a bit disappointed in Miley
She smoked that shit and let her friend make a video of it.
She sure forgot who she was.
I thought she was smarter than that.



Those eyes, and those lips.


The Stuff they put on TV

My Synchro-link truck
Check it out at


Going to the