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Carrie Prejean


She is one of the finest Miss California I've ever seen. And now they are debating whether they want to take it away because of a few simi nude pictures I don't even think are worth posting here, because of the people labeling them for their own greed.

It looks as Donald Trump decides to fire her as Miss Claifornia. I guess he will do what ever Keith Leis wants him to do. What ever the reason, it's probably a good thing because the pageant winners that have gone on to make the most out of the publicity are the ones who have been fired. I have no doubt we will see more of Carrie on the big screen in the future.
         All I can say is I Wish You Luck Carrie.





This one scars the hell out of me


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Hotter than Hot
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Nice work on this gal

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Carrie is one fine looking babe.



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