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Some of you may have wondered what the heck am I doing with Girls of the Day on my web-site.

To be honest, it kinna started back in the days, I figured I was entertaining people on the other side of the transmitter that had been planted in my computer, by who knows?

The column was titled: Girls and Boys and More Girls.
It wasn't just featuring girls, but any youth that is something special, like the Red Tomato at the snow board Olympics when they wanted to take his metal way for having pot residue in his blood. Like that would give him an advantage.
It also turned into a publicity thing that sprung out of mentioning Sarah Michelle Gellar and giving her the Girl of the Day Award..

Now days pretty much try to come up with a new Girl of the Day almost every month and after all the years, there has become quite a few. It takes some work resizing photos so they load fast and having the option to have a better look at them is pretty nice. Compared to many of the sites I've looked at, I have to say I'm actually proud of how I have it set up .

I sure haven't had any complaints and I know that there are a lot of you out there who like it too. Whether you think I'm crazy or not, you can always tell your friend that I have a nice Girls of the Day column they might like to check out anyway.
          Thanks for stopping by,   Sunnyside


February 24-25th, 2012:
Close Ups was Uploaded and fine tuned
Links in menu bar and else where don't go up until the 27th. (letting them guess a couple days)
          The goal is to use the smaller 300 pixel pictures that will blow up to 1024 size of which I think will still load fast on tables. And I'll be integrating links to optional wall paper size within the girl's own featured pages; some day.
          Oh yeah, just what might fit at /Girl_

January 14th, 2012:
Girls of the Day put on backburner

I'm putting the next featured Girl of the Day on the back burner. I've run into situations where we have beautiful young ladies have dozens of quality head shots, but none in bikinis.
     Now that I think about it, I happen favour hard bodies no matter what age they are and if I'm going to take the time to put together a web-page, she's going to have to be able to met the requirements here at MyStupidRules. Around here I make all the rules and I'm pretty sure I've stretched the limits two or three times maybe, but even if there are pictures of them in bathing suits out there, it doesn't mean there of the quality I like to showcase. (I tend to shy way from ones taken by poperotcy where it looks as if its an invasion of privacy.)
     But any how, there is always the dirty looks page I may just sneak them in on.
    However, the work doesn't stop completely around here because I will be down sizing some of the photos on the Index Page. The result will be that it will make the home page load faster, and at the same time allow me to add more Girls while keeping it loading at a reasonable rate.

And oh: the reason for the back burner bit, is that I've been hearing that people want to see more book excerpts. That just goes to show me that I was right when I figure out that the true readers, will want more. It also shows me how corrupt Amazon is.

So today and the next few, I'm going to start posting more chapters to I figure I've got a little more then a year to make sure that everything is out there.

New Direction
Dumped the Hollywood Bitches
Rule Numbers 86
20th of July, 2014:

I wasn't into promoting any Speilberg Whores, nor did I want to support any bitch that was stupid enough to support Obama.
       And that last thing I wanted to do was keep track of any of them.
       So we're trying something new around here at

Nothing but a bunch of whores any way.
Rule Numbers 10
14th of July, 2014:

I must have heard the same line a couple dozen times today. Everyone has been saying, "they are just a bunch of whores anyway."
       About the only thing I've done to Girls of the Day in the last few years is remove links. It's just noting I want to see any more. Kinna like staying way from negativity as far as I can.


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My Synchro-link truck
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She performed the Dirty Look so well,
we decided to post Britney Spears in the special themed pages.
     She worked out so well on those,
     we just had to see more of her.
      So on Oct.26, 2012
we gave Britney Spears her own page
here at Girls of the Day.


January 4th, 2012: I uploaded Dirty Looks.
          I don't know why, I just had to because it was something that had not been done,


January 5th or 6th, 2012:
Dirty Looks Was Uploaded

February 18th, 2012:
Best Of Was Uploaded

February 23rd, 2012:
Great legs was Uploaded,
along with the modified menu bar

April 1st, 2012:
Girls with Guitars was Uploaded.
          Sure it's a little corny,
      But it's kinna cute

April 4th, 2012:
Whitney and Holle Berry were Uploaded.
          It began with the passing of Whitney,
Then I think that having February being the month that it is;
      We got requests for Halle Berry

April 21st, 2012:
Bikini Bodies was Uploaded.
     It was the first day the water
was warm enough for bare feet.
Had to be some kind of reward in there.

May 10, 2012:
Great Breast was Uploaded.
     After GotD being down for ten days
I thought it was about time.

May 30, 2012:
Butt Shots had been Uploaded for about a week, but tonight I posted a link to it.

October 1st, 2012:
Girls behind the Wheel was Uploaded.
New to the page as well as the web-site Dagman Midcap.
With a voice like that, you my assume she is single.

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Dirty Looks

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