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Lundsy Fonseca

Lyndsy Fonsea close up photo


Lyndsy finseca

A little rock, a little roll.


This one works


Lyndsy Fonsea


Lyndsy Fonsea wet and hot

Half way I suppose


lyndsy fonsea

My Favorite


Is that a dare?


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A very good addition to the Nikita show.

Lyndsy Marie Fonseca born in Oakland, California, January 7, 1987 of half-Portuguese descent.

Lyndsy Marie Fonseca was raised first in Alameda and then Moraga. She was discovered there by a manager and agent and immediately moved to Los Angeles for her first pilot season at age 13 in the middle of the school year. The following year she booked her breakthrough role, playing Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless with a three-year contract. With that, her parents moved the whole family to Los Angeles. Since the end of her contract, she has booked many television guest spots, television movies, two pilots and an independent feature film.

Lyndsy Fonsea in Black strapless

She has a nice out on the town look


Lyndsy Fonsea leperd print

And of course the hot girl next door look too


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Lyndsy Fonseca in black strapless natural

I happen to like her natural look




Dirty Looks


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