Girls of the Day


Girls with Guitars

Avril Lavine with guitar in Black and white

Avril Lavigne


Alyson Michalka playing guitar

Alyson Renae Michalka



taylor momsen

Taylor Momsen



miley cyrus with guitar

Miley Cyrus



Gwyneth Paltrow with Guitar in the movie Counrty Strong

Gwyenth Paltrow


taylor swift with guitar

Taylor Swift


miley cyrus with brown hollow box guitar

Miley Cyrus



Emma Stone with Bass Guitar

Emma Stone

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If you are a 911 Operator
You don't belong her.







taylor momsen with guitar

Taylor Momsen



Taylor Swift with Guitar on stage

Taylor Swift



Avril Lavine with guitar

Avril Lavigne




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scarlett johansson dirty look

Dirty Looks

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