Girls of the Day


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& One Ups



Paula Broadwell

Paula Broadwell
Sweet spy in your eye , or should I say nice flair in your affair,
or may it pays to bring down the head of the CIA


Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones
This photo just did it for me


kate Middleton in pink dress

Kate Middleton

I'm totally impressed with this gal and I have so admiration for her as well as I have many good things to say about Kate, it would probably require a whole page to do so.
I've found some interesting photos of her that will fit right in.


Emma Stone


Jessica Simpson
Something tells me she is one woman I'd want to get into bed with


Girls of the Day


Indiana Evan
I really don't know much about her,
but she has about the nicest tan.

Girls of the Day


My Synchro-link truck:
A whole fleet of trucks in one.
Check it out at

Those Pesky Car Guys


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I don't know who this model is,
but dam; what a bod.

One Ups

One ups are because there are a few Girls out there who don't have an abundance of images available to put together a tasteful web-page together just for them.
So I'm sorry, I've tried..

Jane and the Dragon
I've always had this thing for Jane


Emily Deschanel

There is this thing about Emily,
I can't ever get over her beauty,
and she does have an interesting
character to play as Bones.


Meg Ryan
I've always had thought she land good parts to play
and she played them well


Girls of the Day in Brazil
(some day)


Alexie Gilmore
Has those eyes,
that transmits on the screen

The Stuff they put on



Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft,
Did a spot on the Fox Ch11 News last night and I was impressed and decided to give her the Girl of the Day award. She's very likely to get the Girl of the Month Award too and I hope I can find more photos of her so I can feature in My Girls of the Day.  Jan.11,'08.
Update Oct. ;08 This girl has travelled far. However: many of us learned that she has gotten a new gig in her home town San Francisco. Well miss Evelyn here on the central coast for sure.
Best of luck Evelyn


Nora Ephron, screenwriter

Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron, died today at the age 71 (June 27th 2012)
Nora died this morning in a New York City hospital after a long battle with leukemia, but taxing chemotherapy treatments took her life.
    She was no only a very talented writer, but producer and director for such American film classics as "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleepless in Seattle," as well.

I'm willing to bet Nora as one heck of a fun gal to be around.
     No doubt, she will be missed.

Madison Avenue


Dirty looks Britney spears

Dirty Looks


Going to the